Anonymous torrenting

You've probably spent a lot of time reading about how to hide your identity while browsing, looking for services to hide your IP address or reading articles about how to download torrents safely. Sometimes you just want to stay anonymous.

There are several options for staying anonymous on the internet. Torrent proxy servers and VPNs are amongst the most popular but Bitport gives alternative which is much better in many ways. VPNs and proxy servers reroute either your BitTorrent traffic or all the traffic through a far away server. Bitport keeps your anonymous by acting as a helping friend.

Exactly how does it work you might ask?

  • You insert a .torrent file or a magnet link to Bitport
  • The torrent is loaded/torrented to Bitport server
  • This file then moves to your personal cloud
  • From your personal cloud, you can download any file as a direct link download

The whole process is encrypted by SSL. This means any data "moving from place to place" is hidden to anyone watching.

SSL encryption is the current standard for encryption. If you've ever wondered how is your online payment secured, it was SSL. And Bitport uses exactly the same technology to hide your communication. Thanks to this system you can completely anonymize Your BitTorrent traffic and download torrent files to your device anonymously. SSL encryption is available for all Bitport premium users.

As an added bonus, Bitport keeps you safe from nasty viruses out there by checking all the files with NOD 32 anti-virus. This all makes it a great alternative to proxy and VPN services.

Safe and easy to use torrent client

All in all, Bitport is a great way to completely anonymize your BitTorrent traffic without the need to use proxy or VPN. You can try Bitport after you sign up. Either for free or for the premium plan. Bitport guarantees you 30 days money-back policy if you are not happy with the service.

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