Download Torrents on your Playstation

Have you ever thought of downloading torrents on something else than the usual PC/Laptop or Phone/Tablet?

It is possible to torrent on the operating system Orbis OS of your Playstation. With the power of cloud torrent downloaders you do not have to download any software on your Playstation to be able to download torrents.

Head over to and create an account. After that, copy any torrent link into the Bitport system and it will be downloaded at high speed and stored on Bitport’s servers. It is as simple as that, else needs to be downloaded or installed.

How do I view the torrents?

The torrents that you download with your Playstation do not take any space on your hard drive, therefore not having any effect on the amount of space you have left.

To view your files, simply navigate in your Orbis OS to the internet browser, and click on any of the files that have been downloaded in your Bitport admin. The file will be converted and playable right there on your TV.

Download and play your torrents right on your Playstation with

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