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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitport?

Bitport is a service that allows you to download torrents directly to your cloud without having to install any software.

How does Bitport work?

It’s simple. You choose what torrents you want to download and Bitport downloads them to your cloud. When this is done, you can stream the files online or download them to your device.

How much does it cost?

You can try Bitport for Free, but it has limitations. The Free plan allows you to download 1 torrent per 24 hours and provides 1 GB storage capacity. Downloaded files are not checked by any antivirus and the connection is not SSL secured.

Premium accounts start at $5 /month and include unlimited download speed, 250 GB of storage, antivirus scanning, and HTTPS downloads.

How much can I download per month?

With a premium account there is no limit to the amount you can download.

Can I use Bitport on my phone? Do you have an app?

Sure you can! There is no app necessary. Bitport is fully optimized for mobile use on any smartphone, so you can use Bitport anywhere you travel.

Can someone see what I download?

With Premium account we provide a secure SSL channel so your ISP can’t tell what you are downloading.

Can anyone access my torrents?

No, they can’t. The account belongs to you alone, and no one else can access your downloads.

Do you block access via Tor, VPN, and similar services?

No, we don’t.

How do you seed files?

A standard upload is set to a 1.00 ratio within 24 hours of downloading the torrent. After this period, the upload is finished. Premium users can change the ratio by contacting Tech Support.

Are files checked by antivirus?

Yes, they are. Premium accounts check files using the well-known antivirus NOD32 so there is no need to worry about potential threats.

Can I download only one file from a torrent?

Sadly, that’s not possible. The torrent must be downloaded in its entirety. After the download is finished, you can choose which files you would like to transfer to your device.

Why isn't my torrent downloading?

It`s usually because only a few other users are sharing it. Please wait or download different release of torrent with more seeds.

Do you limit the size of one torrent?

Torrent size is not limited on premium account. The only limitation is the amount of free space in your cloud. With free plan your file size is limited to 1 GB.

Can I download from private trackers?

Yes, with Bitport you can download from private trackers.
Just save the .torrent file to your computer and then upload it via "Upload torrent from PC." We must inform you, that we do not suggest to use Bitport as seedbox and therefore we do not support upload ratio checkers of some private trackers.

Do you support streaming videos through a TV?

Yes, we do. If you own an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, you can stream videos using AirPlay.

Can other seeders see my IP address?

No, they can’t. Other seeders only see our IP address and the IP address of our server. Your IP address is hidden.

How do I download files to my device faster?

To boost your download speed go to My Account > Settings> Speed Test and run the speed test. Choose the server with the highest reached speed and try to download any file from your cloud to your PC/mobile to see the results.
Alternatively you can use an internet download manager. We can recommend iGetter, which can connect to 5 download sources at once to boost your download speed.

Where are Bitport servers located?

We have more than 20 servers all over the world to provide our premium users with the fastest download speeds possible.

Where to find torrents on the internet?

There is plenty of places to find a BitTorrent content on the internet. You can just simply Google them. Here is a list of some examples:
Probably the most comprehensive source of torrents.
A massive collection of torrents including audiobooks, music and whatever else you might want.
Music by artists who like to share.
Music, Video, Software, Games and Other as the website says.
Do you need to patch your game? Here you can find a lot of patches for a lot of games.
Music and video by those willing to share.
It’s legit! It is also full of software.
Time to read some classics! Or to listen to them. Enjoy all the audiobooks.
Linux tracker… The name gives it up.
Everything about the history of media including cinema, radio, and music.
Massive amounts of free music.
A bunch of movies of the classic variety. If you love some bad B movies, here is your realm.
Unofficial SXSW music library. In torrent form presented for you.
Tool-assisted game movies. For the lovers of speed runs.
Classic radio drama. Dracula, War of The Worlds and more.
Trekkies, have a look at these!
For the lovers if independent movie makers.

Please, keep in mind our Terms of Use when downloading torrent files from other sources.

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You can use our contact form . Our Tech Support will reply as soon as possible.