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Roku Integration

Roku is simple to use and comes with powerful features. With Roku, you can stream different channels and videos right on your TV. Due to many Bitport user requests and the rising popularity of Roku, we have created a Bitport channel for you. We believe you will be very happy with this new integration. It is a great way to stream torrents on Roku without a need for VLC player or any other media player.


  1. On your notebook or smartphone go to and log into your Roku account.
  2. In the same browser window go to and add Bitport channel to your channels.
  3. Turn on your Roku device and check if the Bitport channel is among the other channels
  4. If you do not see Bitport among the other channels, go to Settings > System and click System update. Now you should see the Bitport channel if you have followed the steps correctly.
  5. Navigate to the Bitport channel. To log in you will need to enter one-use login code.
  6. To get login code in your web browser, go to and log in. After logging in, navigate to (in the same browser window) to obtain login code.
  7. Go back to your Roku and insert the login code.
  8. You are successfully logged in and ready to play your videos.

Useful tips and memos

  • We strongly suggest for you to run our Speedtest to find the best server for your location. In your browser login to and go to My Account > Settings > Speedtest and run our Speedtest.
  • The only way to add the channel is through the link For obvious reasons, the channel is private, and this is why our channel cannot be searched on Roku.
  • All videos need to be converted to be able to stream on Roku. If you try to stream a video that has not been converted, we will automatically convert it for you. Please be patient, converting takes some time.
  • Bitport channel allows the streaming of videos with subtitles (if they are available on Subtitles with special characters do not show correctly. The Roku system uses their own subtitles rendering tools and do not allow developers to customize subtitle streaming.
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