Torrent Program or cloud service?

In the world of torrenting, there are many options of torrent programs. When searching for various programs, most of the time users are concerned with how to find torrents, how fast they can download them and if they are safe while torrenting. These are the most important things when it comes to torrenting.

In most torrent programs, you are not able to search torrents directly. In most cases, the programs are just used as a way to download the torrents. Usually, a torrent file is downloaded and then opened in your torrenting program which starts the download of the actual file. It can be a lengthy process in a lot of cases due to your Internet speed, how many seeds the torrent has, and other various factors. Since you downloaded the torrent file at your location, your IP address is shown and it is not anonymous whatsoever.

Download locally or with the cloud?

As a matter of fact, there is a high risk involved when downloading torrents. Even a higher risk when it is not done anonymously and your IP address is shown. It is really important that as a user you protect yourself.

It does not mean you have to stop using torrent programs completely. It just means that you have to pick the right one!

What if you could download at very high speed? What if your IP address was not shared anywhere online and everything was done anonymously? What if you did not have to download any torrent program whatsoever?

Better privacy, speed and capacity

Along comes, a cloud-based torrent downloader. With a cloud-based torrent downloader, there are no limitations on download speed or privacy issues that torrent programs have. And you can command it to download torrents for you with any device, and after a very short while they are ready to be streamed with another device.

With a torrent program, the entire process of downloading a torrent happens at your location on your PC/Laptop. With a cloud downloader, everything happens on Bitport’s company servers that are all across the world. Therefore there is no way for your IP address and location to be detected, and you are fully protected. It is one of the most, if not the safest way to download torrents.

In the end, it is up to users to make the best decision on what torrent program to use to download torrents. Just keep in mind, safety should be your number one concern. Download your torrents at high speed anonymously with a cloud torrent downloader.

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