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Torrent Sync Client - Download your files to your PC Automatically with

The beauty of online cloud downloaders is its anonymity and the speed of downloading. In the end, the files are stored on the company servers and not on your PC. It is possible to download it onto your PC after downloading it into the cloud.

Isn’t it the best when everything just happens automatically? In today’s world, everything is instantly synced across multiple devices without you even having to think about it. At we believe that you should also have a comfortable torrenting experience and that the torrents you download should be on your PC instantly.

We have developed a Torrent Sync Client that downloads the files to your PC automatically from Bitport.

Just picture downloading your favorite torrent into the cloud. First, our platform allows you to download it at super high-speed and anonymously in the cloud. Then without you having to click on anything, it automatically downloads it into a folder of your choice on your PC.

With a Torrent Sync Client, all downloaded torrents will be quickly downloaded onto your PC hassle-free.

Where and how do I download the Torrent Sync Client?

Go to and sign up for a account. You can also use your Facebook account to sign up.

Download the Bitport Sync Client 2.1 and then follow the directions here.

Our Sync Client is just another great example that differentiates us from the rest of the competition. Take a look at the list of our features below.

List of Bitport Features

  • User Safety
  • Cross-Platform use Including iOS & Android Phones
  • Video File Streaming
  • Support of Chromecast, Apple TV and easy integration to other Apps
  • Saving data on limited Internet connections
  • Ease of use
  • Sync Client
  • Google Drive Compatibality

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