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There is no need to have separate programs for downloading torrents and viewing them. Both can now be done with an online torrent downloader.

Downloading large torrent files that are in high quality always took a very long time. Files that that are large in size and sometimes take hours to download.

With Bitport you can download the torrents in record time regardless of how fast your internet is. No longer do you need to download lower quality files. Any file size, of any quality can be downloaded in the cloud, and automatically virus scanned by Bitport.

So the download speed is solved, what about viewing the downloaded torrents?

A great torrent viewer allows you to view your torrents in HD and in design friendly manner.

With Bitport, you do not have to download any soft of software to begin watching the torrents that you downloaded into the cloud. Simple open up your browser and click play on the torrent files. You can view your torrents in HD right in your browser (even with subtitles!)

Time has changed from the days of not wanting to download HD torrent files because of the size and time it takes. Do not have a lot of space left on your computer/laptop/phone? Have slow internet connection? This no longer matters with an online torrent downloader.

Download in high speed, anonymously, and view your torrents directly in your browser with Bitport.

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