Torrenting on a Chromebook with

Torrenting on a chromebook is very simple! Not able to download a torrent downloading software? With the evolution of online torrent downloaders, it is now easier than ever to download torrents, even on a chromebook.

With Bitport, you just copy the torrent file into our system and click add torrent. Just like that your torrent will start downloading. You do not need any software whatsoever. Everything s done in the browser, no software or program needed.

Our system is anonymous and secure. Do not have fast internet access? You do not have to worry because the torrents are downloaded using our servers and guess what……. they are very fast!

You can then play the torrents directly in your browser without having to download a single thing onto your Chromebook. This also means that you do not have to have the actual torrent file stored anywhere on your computer. Everything is stored on the Bitport servers in the cloud, which can be accessed any time with any devices and viewed in HD.

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