Torrenting on a Chromebook with

There are a lot of questions when it comes to torrenting on a Chromebook, and we are here to make it all very clear for you.

Torrenting on a Chromebook is very simple! Yes, you read that correctly, torrenting on a Chromebook can be extremely simple, much more simple than you realize.

Being unable to download a program to download torrent files should not stop you. There is a much more convenient way to download torrents. An alternative is a cloud torrent downloading service. With a cloud torrent service like Bitport, you do not have to worry about downloading a program or how much space you have left on your Chromebook.

With Bitport, you head over to and copy the link of the torrent into the cloud system, and that’s it. Just like that, your torrent will start downloading. You do not need any software whatsoever. It is simple, fast and hassle-free.

In the end, this is also much more secure than a regular download program. You stay anonymous while downloading torrents on Bitport and no one will ever see your IP address. Your Internet speed also does not matter at all since you are not using any of it for the download. Everything is done in the cloud, so you can even close your browser or turn off your Chromebook while downloading the torrents.

When the download is finished, you can view all your torrents directly in the browser in the Bitport admin. It is great because you do not have to download the file and take up space on your Chromebook.

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