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Is it possible to download torrents and view them directly on your iPad?

With the right tools, torrenting on iPad is really simple. There are multiple ways to do so.

The first question is how to get the torrents onto your iPad, how do you download them?

One issue that would come to mind is limited space. iPads already have a limited amount of space they can store, and now we are contemplating storing torrents. It is no problem at all and downloading of torrents does not have to take any space on your iPad. It is possible thanks to the cloud torrenting service. Everything is downloaded and stored in the cloud, and therefore nothing is stored on the device itself.

Another issue could be that a lot of iPad users can get on the Internet via WiFi only and do not have a mobile Internet sim card. That is also very easily solved. Since it is downloaded in the cloud on the Bitport servers, you copy the file link into the Bitport system and it downloads it for you. You can turn off your iPad or disconnect it from the Internet for the entire duration. It also means that your Internet speed plays no role in the download speed of the torrent. The torrents do not download directly into your iPad. Instead, they are downloaded to Bitport cloud servers at high speed.

Open Safari and navigate to There you paste the torrent link, and it will download for you on our servers.

How can I access and view the torrents, if they are not on my iPad?

Everything can be viewed in the app (you can find our app on the App Store) or directly in your Safari browser. Open your browser or our app and see the torrents right there and then - no need to download any program or anything else to view them.
Of course, if you would like to have it on your iPad, you can download it from your Bitport account right onto your iPad.

Torrent with your iPad, it’s simple. Try Bitport now!

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