Watch Torrents with Apple TV

Are you an Apple TV user? Is there a simple way to watch your downloaded torrents on your Apple TV? goes right along with your Apple TV and lets you stream your torrents directly on your TV with ease.

There are multiple ways to watch your torrents with your Apple TV.

No need for downloading movies to apple tv

With a Bitport account, you can download torrents directly to our cloud storage and stream torrents to your apple tv with an app or with a Browser.

For iPhone & iPad users:

All you have to do is connect to the same WiFi that your TV is connected to. Open your internet browser on your iPhone or iPad and head over to

Click play and then go to your phone options and choose Airplay and pick your Apple TV. The torrent will now stream on your Apple TV.

With a recent update, you will have an option to stream to your Apple TV directly in instantly. You can now go to on any device, any Internet browser and instantly stream to your Apple TV as long as you are on the same WiFi connection.

On the newer Apple TVsyou can download our app in the App Store and stream directly through that or use a browser to access Bitport cloud storage.

If you have an older jailbroken Apple TV, then you can stream the torrent via Kodi FTP. More can be found here

If it is not jailbroken, then you must use the Airplay options to play it directly on your TV.

Enjoy watching your torrents with your Apple TV with

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