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Bitport sync client – Download your torrents to PC automatically

Bitport sync client automatically downloads your files from the cloud to your PC once they are successfully fetched from the Bitport cloud.

Download link: Bitport sync client 2.1

How to use it

  1. Download the Bitport sync client and run the „Bitport sync client.exe“ file.

  2. The login page will pop up.

  3. To obtain the access code - open your browser - log in to Bitport and go to to redeem your access code. Paste it into the „Bitport sync client login page“ from step 2 and press the „Login“ button.

  4. The program will be running in your system tray in the background. The content of your Bitport cloud will automatically start downloading to your PC.

  5. To monitor your transfers - right-click on icon in your system tray to open Bitport sync client.

    Good things to know

    • The Bitport sync program is a one-way sync program. Everything is downloaded from your Bitport cloud and nothing is uploaded to the cloud. If you add a file or folder to the Bitport sync folder, it will not be uploaded to the Bitport cloud. Any changes made in your PC do not affect your Bitport cloud.
    • The program will continue to download files until the exact copy of your Bitport cloud is in your PC. If you delete a file or folder from your PC the Bitport sync app will download it again. If you want to delete a file or folder from your PC, delete it on your Bitport cloud-first and then from your PC.
    • Once a torrent is successfully downloaded to the Bitport cloud, the files and folders will automatically start downloading to your PC.
    • Your files are downloaded to "Documents" to folder „Bitport“ by default. You can change this folder in the program settings.
    • By default 3 files are downloaded at one time. It can be changed in the program settings.
    • The current version works only on Windows.
    • If your anti-virus is blocking the sync client. Turn off the anti-virus for the first start of the sync client.
    • In rare cases, if your system will be using too much RAM, use this guide to fix it.
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