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SFTP & FTP – Download a lot of files at once easily

SFTP & FTP is an easy way to access and download your Bitport content directly from the server to your desktop. To access your SFTP or FTP, there are plenty of programs to choose from. We can recommend the free multi-platform FileZilla. With SFTP or FTP you can also move or delete folders and files. Uploading is not supported at the moment.

How to connect to SFTP or FTP

  1. Get your SFTP or FTP access information from Bitport My account Settings FTP access .
  2. Run FileZilla.
  3. Copy the access information to the FileZilla

  4. Drag and drop the file you want to download from the FTP (right side) to any folder on your computer (left side). The download will start automatically.

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