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Google Drive – How to save torrents directly to Google Drive

Saving your torrents directly to Google Drive has a lot of advantages which include; super-fast downloading to your PC and automatic synchronization of your torrents via Google Drive sync.

It is a feature for Big and Standard plans only, and unfortunately, we were forced to add limits (200 GB per 7 days for Standard,  1 TB per 7 days for Big). If you need more, contact us at [email protected]

Saving to Google Drive is easy:

  1. Add your torrent to Bitport.

  2. Click on Files and select "select Folder from Google Drive". If Bitport is not authorized, you will be asked to authorize it.

  3. Click on Authorize, select your Google Account and allow Bitport to access your Drive. 

  4. Then you will be returned back to your page, where you can now select "select Folder from Google Drive" and choose where to download your file. 
  5. Wait for your download to finish. Then it will look like this

A simple way to add downloads to your Google Drive. 

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