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Kodi guide to Bitport (SFTP/FTP)

Kodi, formerly known as XBMC, is a free multi-platform multimedia centre which lets you access all of your video and music files from one place. Let’s look at how to import your files from Bitport.

How to stream files from Bitport with Kodi?

  1. Run Kodi

  2. If you want to use SFTP, you need to install a plugin that supports it. If you are going to use FTP, feel free to jump at step 6. Otherwise, scroll down to Add-ons section and select search option.

  3. Enter the word “sftp” and click on the add-on named Virtual filesystems - SFTP support.

  4. Click on Install.

  5. Go back (Escape), and you will see a little done icon next to the name. If you see it, restart your Kodi, and you are ready to go.

  6. If this is your first time using Kodi, you will see the following screen name Movies. Click on Enter Files section.

  7.  If you already have some movies added, scroll down to Videos and click on Files

  8. On the following screen, click on Add videos…


  9. Here, click on Browse.

  10. Scroll down and select Add network location...

  11.  In this pop-up, select the protocol you want to use. If you want FTP, select it using the arrows.

    If you installed SFTP add-on, you can also choose SFTP there.

  12. Fill all the details like on the following pictures. If you are going for FTP, use these details. Then click on OK.

    If you are using SFTP, input these instead. Then click on OK.

  13. This will return you to the familiar screen. Select the correct path. If you are using FTP, use this one. Click OK.

    If you are using SFTP, select this one. Click OK.

  14. The previous step will open a root folder in your Bitport account. I suggest clicking OK, but if you want to implement just one folder, you can select it there. Then click OK.

  15. This will bring you back to the screen you saw at step 8. Be sure to name this source (I have highlighted the input with a red square) and then click OK. If you are using FTP, you will see this screen.

    If you are going for SFTP, you will see this screen.

  16. Here, click on the word None. That will bring you this pop-up. Select what this directory contains (you can select only one thing at the time). I suggest selecting Movies.

  17.  After it, you can choose the information provider from which Kodi takes the info about your movies. I suggest leaving The Movie Database if you are not sure. Also, select scan recursively to search all files on your Bitport cloud for videos. I have highlighted it. Then click OK. 

  18. Now, you could see the following message box. If so, select Yes. If you don't, don’t worry about it.

  19. Please wait for the scan to complete; it depends on how many folders your Bitport cloud has. I suggest making coffee or tea and wait.

  20. When the scan is finished, you are done. Simply scroll back to Movies section and all your movies will be there. Grab some popcorn because the watch time is just starting.

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